Spiritual Gifts

In this program brother Ibrahim Ferotan shares from God’s word in Pashto language about the Spiritual gifts God gives His believers to be used for His glory.

Also in this program hear the testimonies of others whose lives God has touched.
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At the Cross of Jesus

Have you even thought of the those who stood and walked by the cross of Jesus. It is an amazing. The soldiers, the religious people, the thieves, the regular guys and at least one of the disciples and some women who followed Jesus but also, the mother of Jesus Mary who stood there. The Scripture is silent about the feelings of Mary but one things is clear, she did not beg for mercy for her first born son. She knew that it is not her to save him but Him to save her. It is an amazing story.

Also in this program hear a wonderful testimony of an Afghan man of how God in His grace saved him.

تلويزيون مسيحيان افغان – آواز مسيح